Gardner Kilcoyne Architects

We are an established architectural design firm committed to quality design and extraordinary client service.  Our overall professional experience covers a large array of large and small projects with various construction methods and building uses.  We have a diverse range of clients and projects throughout the years.

GKA’s work strives to be environmentally responsible, user-oriented, and technologically innovative.  Three members of our firm are LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and we work hard to apply practical energy efficiency principles to each and every project.

We have led design teams on many successfully completed projects with every imaginable challenge including: schedule limitations, building condition and zoning restrictions, and seemingly always—budget constraints.  We take pride in searching for unique ways to develop economically viable renovation solutions for existing underutilized structures.

The benefits we bring to a project:

  • We provide responsive, flexible, quality design and construction planning services that reflect our client’s needs, budget, and project goals.
  • We bring design experience and up to date expertise on applicable local building codes and ADA remediation to a project team.
  • We have built a reputation as a team player – we work effectively to facilitate the multitude of tasks and diverse individuals involved in any building project, large or small.
  • In our years of working throughout the State of Vermont, we have established many solid working relationships with our clients, engineering consultants, code officials, and general contractors in the area.
  • We carefully review design for efficiency and space utilization to optimize our client’s construction and maintenance budget.
  • We provide cost effective fee proposals that are tailored to meet individual project needs.